3:00pm   Hotel Check-In Opens

5:00pm   Conference Registration Opens

5:30pm  Complimentary Happy Hour
                at the Hotel Lobby

8:00pm Welcome and Worship

8:30pm   Talk 1

8:45pm   Testimony

9:00pm   Small Groups

9:30pm Fellowship


7:30am   Breakfast Opens / Optional
                Prayer Room Opens

9:00am   Session Begins

9:15am   Prayer

9:45am   Talk 2

10:30am   Break

11:00am   Testimony 2

11:15am   Orientation to Rec Time

11:30am   Small Group

12:00pm   Lunch and Open Rec Time

5:30pm   Happy Hour and Fellowship

6:30pm   Lord's Day Celebration

8:30pm   Session Begins

8:45pm   Talk 3

9:15pm   Worship

10:15pm   Dessert and Coffee Service


7:30am   Breakfast Opens / Optional
                Prayer Room Opens

9:00am   Open for Church Services

11:30am   Closing Session

12:30pm   Worship

1:00pm   End